ESL Home Run helps you improve your overall English skills to ace the TOEFL® iBT! Our straight to the point methodology will save you time, stress and money. Master the TOEFL® in record time!

CELTA Certified Teachers

Studying tips and strategies developed by top of the line teachers.

Studying Materials

Take advantage of our ever-growing Library, where you will find grammar, speaking, cultural and general English resources.


We guarantee that the combination of your hard work with our strategies and methodology will result in a higher score on your TOEFL® iBT!


Our Offerings

2020 TOEFL® iBT Strategy

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Live Classes

8 week classes


 Experience total immersion by talking live with American teachers who will teach you in a whole new way!  Many of our classes will be on scenic locations as our background and will offer a real view to the cities and places of interest!




Self Learning Courses & Guides

Online Self Paced

Learn at your own pace with American teachers who not only teach you English grammar and pronunciation, you’ll also learn idioms and context!

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Don’t miss out on FREE content that will help you get a higher TOEFL® score as well as improve your English skills. Here you will find practice materials in addition to writing and speaking tips.


Why Learn a New Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

Learning a new language can seem like a daunting task and people who accept this challenge are often forced to step away from their comfort zone. This might look like an overwhelming situation but, every time that a person steps out of their comfort zone, they also become more open to accepting new challenges that will allow them to continue to grow and learn.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

A person who knows two or more languages carries an automatic advantage over their monolingual coworkers. We live in an era of economic globalization and the demand for bilingual professionals increases every single day. Knowing more than one language is an attractive skill for employers and in many cases, it offers additional incentives such as higher salaries. (Work Abroad, Expand Your Network)

Discover New Cultures

The ability of speaking another language allows a person to discover and experience new cultures as the people associated with a certain language. It makes it easy to understand, enjoy and sympathize with people from different places and traditions.

Make New Friends

The more languages a person speaks, the more people he or she can connect with. Knowing more than one language is definitely a powerful benefit in today’s economy, but a having a good friend is just as beneficial. We for a long period of our life, but not forever and a true friend is a treasure that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Why Learn With Us?


Proprietary Methodology

We have a unique, proprietary approach that will take you through a differentiated learning experience, guaranteeing your success.


American Teachers

You’ll be learning from people born in the US!   No learning English from someone who learned it too!


Located in beautiful Austin, Texas

Austin is a happening place in America today and the hotbed of many technology companies


World Class Educators

All our courses and classes are created and held by teachers who hold professional certifications.

Learn On the Move!

Online Learning Options

If you are a person who’s on the move or prefers to learn from home, this is the format for you!  We offer online classes to prepare you and help you speak in English naturally.

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Looking for more than just the TOEFL®?  We have the courses that you need!


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